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Event Schedule

2019 entrants, vendors and public are able to download our entry forms by Late October each year.

The dates should be 24th - 27th January 2019.

Muscle Car Madness: This is an annual automotive excellence show, with exhibitors traveling on their pilgrimage, to display to the public their prized possessions. The exhibitors arrive at the Rangiora Show Grounds for the last weekend of January. It is a good idea to stay with your posessions, each year we have more security due to low lives stealing cool momentos, including entire roped off camping spots, stay with your kit please. We treat thieves to the law of the land.  

Live Bands all weekend. On display you may see Rats, Rods, Bikes, Trikes, Trucks, Racing Cars, Boats, and our favourite Muscle Cars as well as the Rockabilly Retro competitions. Take a look at the gallery later, we even have our own books, tee-shirts and huge TV and radio coverage. As well as the popular Burnout Pad. 2016 someone got married on the Burnout Pad. To each their own. And to our fans, we love you right back! Twenty Sevens years. For exhibitors, there is the annual Retro Rod Run, and other in-house entertainment. For the spectators we have the Retro Beauty Competition, and the Burnout Pad; which can be entered by anyone; just get in touch with us. We have bands all weekend long, and for more details on the spit roasts and cruising circuit take a look at the entry form.

Spectator viewing is only on the weekend: 26th to 27th January 2019 Saturday and Sunday from 10am - with the Burnouts starting at 10am (see link for scrutineering and get there way earlier if you want to enter your car). Whilst spectators can enter in the burnouts, if they pass scrutineering, they can expect a queue and if the car doesn't pass scrutineering, or we have too many, that's bad luck. Most competitions are open to guests, the public and the exhibitors. Costs to the burnouts, and the beauty pageant is simple gate entry. Not everyone is a winner, and some cars will not pass scrutineering. We always have too many eligible cars for the burnouts, so be early, exhibitors camping onsite will be favoured over random strangers but Marty's decision is final so be organised if you want to play on the Burnout Pad.

Questions: Craig is the yes or no man, and Marty is the Law. Corrina overseas the administration, Karen does the website stuff. Contact details, are on the contact page. Also view the local hire companies for contact details on caravans and motels. Book them now if you havent' already.

Dates: Show date is Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th January 2019. Public hours are 10-5pm each day. Campers Thursday from 8am with registration from 10am.  WE THE SET UP CREW will be on site on Wednesday to do all the requirements for everyone so DO NOT THINK IT IS GOOD TO CAMP. NO SILLY PHONE CALLS PLEASE!

Day trippers People who wish to enter their cars for the day only (not camping) can come in from 8am Saturday/Sunday, if staying for day just pay gate entry from $18.00 each (Pricing to be confirmed late October 2019). If wishing to leave car over nite inside arena, which will be locked at nite with security on patrol all the time, the driver will get a day pass to return the next day. Same goes for anyone wanting to sell a car ,we have a place set aside for selling cars of interest,projects,rods,bikes. Just check at gate,and be patient, you will get there....

Entry Forms: Available now ~ Corrina's Cell 0275457877, text her your email address for an entry form. Vehicle camping, post back to us, or email - before 9th January 2018. 10th - 19th Jan 2019 an extra $20 per person will be required to process your entry, after which entrys willbe closed. No exceptions. 

For Muscle Car vehicular entrants camping: set up is Officially Thursday 24th, Vendors (trade, commercial, hobbiest, craft stalls) set up no earlier than the Friday 25th 2019, and public welcome to view Saturday and Sunday. Last weekend in January 2019.

All exhibitors, vendors etc. please set up at your new positions from MARTY onsite, we have a change in the layout to suit noise control as per our agreement with the council to run the event each year. Camping will be designated to avoid loud noise affecting the neighbours after 10pm, check with Marty when registering, don't just set up where you used to. Camping is reserved for the sensible and the best dressed and it's first come, first served, if best dressed and if paid up. Motels are available, see our contact page for a few phone numbers. Stay with your stuff, or arrange security, this year people removed entire roped off areas. Not cool.

*  Vehicle Display Entrants who need a campsite; please enter no later than the 10th January in the bank or cash in the hand: $100 per person if on time, and in good condition. On and after Friday, the 11th till the 19th; we will charge an extra $20 per person late fee, when you turn up to be allocated your site. After the 20th of January, don't bother us; we are too busy with the people who respect us. See entry form PDF for rules, including catering details.


No animals. No alcohol, no glass - hope you understand what we are saying here, no fights, no thieves, no criminals.
*  Participants are responsible for their crew, noise and sobriety; see entry form, and burnout pad rules on the links above!
*  Camping onsite may be fully booked if you don't get in now. Don't moan out-loud.

All thieves and idiots - Security Guards will be on site 25/7 and have full power to confiscate and remove you or your possessions.

Remember you are our guest, please respect the rules and make complaints at the time of the problem (Craig 0276611932) so we get the opportunity to right any wrongs, with factual evidence. No hearsay drama thank you. Tell us at the time.

Costs: Await Council, and Plice permisions and licenses each year, prices to be determined on secuirty issues

To be advised, last year: Spectators $18.00 adults, chaperoned kids 15 and under are $0.00 free zip nada zero; the public are welcome to view the displayed vehicles on the Saturday and the Sunday - limited parking onsite and alongside the show grounds; so bring sunscreen and don't (do not) leave valuables or animals in the parked locked car, this is a family event, no animals is a new rule, none welcome. NO Animals.

Day passes: gone, thing of the past. Sorry.

Public hours are 10-5pm each day.

2018 the Day exhibiting entrants can still pay at the gate $18 per person - Vehicle is free if it's presentable. So don't cue up for an easy park, we get judgemental. Please have a deck chair and sunscreen handy. No animals.

Vendors/Trade Displays:

To be advised:  Await Council, and Plice permisions and licenses each year, prices to be determined on secuirty issues from $250 per car sized site + camping + power, includes four gate passes, all additional space and staff will be extra. Up to Four arm bands per entry. Plus camping, hire a camper x 1; not 8 tho so please give us a call. 
See contact details page. See Marty on the Friday 27th Jan 2017 to find out where he needs you. Email Craig to see if you are invited. So recap TBA, from; commercial stalls from $250 with up to 4 gate passes, set up Friday. Hobby business from $100 with 2 gate passes, and craft stalls $50 with one gate pass. All set up Friday. Place all submissions to Craig by email, he will respond by the 20th December, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


All cheques and Internet banking must be associated with an entry Drivers Surname, so we can work it out.
Email Craig if you have any further questions regarding event management -  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

All cheques are to be made out to Stottle Promotions, and must be received and banked by the 10th January 2018 to avoid late fees of $20 per person.
Donations without reference details are happily pocketed. Internet Banking is Westpac 03 0830 0248144 00 Stottle Promotions.

Food and alcohol:

Each year we provide catered food for the exhibitors, see the entry form for details. Spectators have full access to all onsite vendors, which includes monitored licensed bars. The Club rooms have seats, tables, shade and water as well as a great selection of food and beverages. There will be coffee, and food vendors awaiting your tidy selves all around the grounds, so no excuses to be dehydrated nor hungry. The band shed is also a licensed premise, so we don’t want to see you bringing your alcohol in at all. This is a family event. No BYO. Don't litter, there are people with bare feet, don't be loud after 10pm. No fights, no angry dramas. This event will be policed, people will be arrested, make sure respect is shown and given. We also will have onsite medical facilities, still keep a mind on the weather, as it's pretty easy to get sunburnt when milling around outside all day. Be sensible, we are watching and judging.

Traffic congestion getting in on either Saturday or Sunday:

Second Chance displays for all last minute Harry's, and Burnout cars, may get waved on from main gate to allow traffic congestion to disperse, then the next Marshall may point you to the second gate for your vehicle if it is worthy, if, and only if; we deem your vehicle suitable. This is not acceptance to the Burnout pad, we have scrutineering for that. Exhibitors and entrants come early please, after 8am but before 10am, everyone else; after 10am. Early is after 8.00am. Don't think 1pm will cut it for any late exhibitors. That would be bad form! Public is 10am - 5pm Saturday and Sunday. Got it? Parking is always at a premium, it's outdoors and it's grass so sensible shoes. No dorks who turn up at stoopid hours. Security will deal with those people.


Bring a deck chair, and sunscreen as well as an umbrella and gumboots. It's normal for the temperature to hit over 30 degrees and soak you to the bone. Look up the forecast and do that slip on a sunscreen, slop on a hat?? Slip slop splosh? The splosh may be mud. Or splat?

Sensible sentencing:

Stay hydrated. Food and drink available on site, toilets etc. We had 1000 display vehicles on Saturday this year, and 800 on Sunday.

At our Mainland North Canterbury event, 99% of the entrants enjoyed and obeyed the minimal rules, we never need the 1%; so don’t bother coming. Keep any anti-socialite behaviour at home, NO DORKS, ever thanks. We must keep the neighbours happy, else we will not be allowed back. It's that simple. This will be our 27th year because we have a zero tolerance, intune with the law. And we always have both police and security teams patrolling.

NO BYO again - nice and simple, entrants are to remember that they must keep their liquid camping supplies at their campsite. Reasonably priced drinks are available to purchase on Friday and Saturday night. All alcohol to stay at campsites and no walking around the grounds drinking please. Dead simple - you fail - you get removed and we will keep your pink slips. ) Your vehicle needs to be a tidy ‘showable car’, no shit-boxes or Japanese contraptions, including vans and utes. Finished Japanese cars are welcome. Scrutineering is a must for all entrants to the burn out pad. To find out more take a read of the Burnout/sponsors page.

Public and entrants alike must behave, and show intelligence. The driver is liable for all their crew, passengers and rubbish and wat nots. However, the individual is liable for all their own illegal activity, whilst you are not your brothers keeper, you are morally obliged to be useful.

More info for onsite campers:

Coldstream Rd is not a race track and curfew is 10pm. Please report any misbehaviour to the police. See Marty when you register to find out where you are allowed to set up, it won't be along the hedge on Coldstream Road. The neighbours must be kept happy. No more stress for either them nor me thanks. Please understand and consider the team here. WE are the team.

Schedule is approximate:

Thursday 24th January after registrations from 9.30am. Fourth Thursday in January. Report to Marty to be allocated a site. Simple.
Purchase your cooked breakfasts for each morning in advance Friday - Sunday when entering to camp here.
Meal available on pre purchase: Spit roast, 3 meats and 5 salads; also available a boxed lunch.
See the entry form for details.

Friday 25th January late registration is 11am for the 11:30 start Vendors can start setting up now. (Tradies, Hobbiest, food stalls, crafty persons)
11:30am Swann Insurance Great Summertime Fun Run - Picnic boxes available to preorder $12@
4pm Retro Run, details yet to be confirmed
7:30pm Spit Roast in the Tin Shed - Bar Open and Live Bands will commence
10:pm all open headers to be in the off position - no excuses - give me your pink slip, on yer bike, it's quiet time, turn it down, good night Marryanne
11:pm - 6am all noises to cease and desist - curfew starts, neighbours and elderly folks are now resting!

Saturday 26th January
Late last minute Harry day displays after 8am before 9am please. From 8am.
Scrutineering for Burnout pad from 8am till 10am - there will be a queue.
All cars in the arena by 10am, the public are coming
10:00am Public welcome to view cars in arena - clean and presentable. Al junk hidden, tidied or left at home.
11:30 pre purchased boxed lunches available and served at the A&P rooms.
12 noon - Burnout pad opens for public entertainment, or for campers the World Famous Bus Trip departs - tickets strictly limited.
3pm Retro Beauty Competition
6-7pm Evening Meals served in the A&P rooms
9pm Rockabilly evening kicks off in the Tin Shed with overseas bands and reasonably priced drinks.
10:pm all open headers to be in the off position

11:pm - 6am all noises to cease and desist - curfew starts, neighbours and elderly folks are now resting!

Sunday 27th January 2018
Scrutineering for Burnout pad from 8am till 10am - there will be a queue.
The big day: All show until the prize giving.
12 noon Burnout pad opens 
Late last minute day displays after 8am before 9am please.
Bands on site after 10am Public access at 10am.

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