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Whats new?

Dates to be confirmed with Police/Venue/Council, costs to be confirmed depending on secuirty requirements each year that Police and Council dictate. Expect 24th Thursday - 27th Sunday January 2019

Dyno Testing was available 2018, what did you think?.
Pricing from $70NZ Phone Marty:

Heartland Sheds Burnout Competition
Hot from the Australia summernats31 competing in the tread cemetery burnouts, then wild card top 30 and Australia burnout championship competing against 500 cars.

Sambos 1990 las supercharged V8 RX7. Owned by Ian sambo Smith 

EVIL69 1969 Cameron smallblock chev supercharged. Owned by Liz Gracie.

LOLIFE 1977 Ford roof chopped ute ,hillbourn injected small block chev Owned by Arnie Donaldson

We have a private Facebook group if you want to chat, or need a ride, or have something of interest to share or sell or buy if it's applicable to us IN New Zealand, and we would love your family orientated Muscle Car Madness orientated photos! Do keep it about us tho, no advertising. Any entry form questions phone Corrina first, ask Marty second, Karen gets website questions, Craig is your last call.

The 2019 entry remains open until 10th January 2019 with an additional $20 per person late fee. 

Early Camping?

No. Don't even think about it. Don't ask. 2018 we (The organisers) start on the Wednesday as usual, we do, not you do: with Official camping from Thursday 8am if we know you; the fourth Thursday of January. Heavy fines and some colourful expletives will be delivered if you show up early and we don't know you. You'd better be cashed up, and know us extremely well to venture any nonsense. Help us achieve a stress free 29th Annual Event please.


Deal with Marty onsite or email please. This includes all site prep, locations and health and safety issues. Craig gets all yes or no questions. Corrina gets all administrative and entry questions.


Stupidism and dick heads will not be tolerated. Please advise Craig on his cell phone or attract the attention of; either Police or Security to get the matter sorted.

Drunks and delinquents who are out of line will be dealt with by the police. We have a zero tolerance for annoying people. Each theft and drunk puts our event at risk. Zero tolerance every year. No BYO, no animals.

Cruising and all music and engine noises have a curfew of 10pm each night. Seriously zero open headers after 10pm.

Zero alcohol in cars, so don't even open it. No illegal activities.

The neighbours can make my life difficult so it's a hard line with me now - please don't spoil it for the rest of us. Remember every year we need to reapply, it's a privilege not a right.

Scrutineering for all Burn outs is before 10am each day - check with Marty on our Facebook Group page if you have more questions. If you've failed scrutineering, no burnout for you.

 Now enjoy the day, and see you soon.

Thanks - Craig


Rangiora A&P Show Grounds

Ashley Street
North Canterbury
New Zealand
Contact Stottle Promotions
Camping Entries

Craig 03 347 8388


0276532304 Stalls, Placement, Dyno

Entry Questions

Corrina's Cell  0275457877

Entries This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Vendors Marty onsite - NOT Craig. Marty's cell phone, if you don't have it chances you won't get it.
Address PO Box 1, Rolleston
Craig Phone 03  347 8388
once onsite:  027 661 1932
For all onsite issues effecting the public
Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Emergency dial 111
Website by Karen Wisse 
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   02111 4 22 88 
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